If terroir influences wines, values lead the men.

Therefore, all the members of the team are considered with respect and benevolence as Vignoble Musset-Roullier winery wouldn’t exist without the dedication of each one of them.

Not only is it about work, it’s a real human adventure we’ve been taking part in for more than 20 years.


Co-owner, production manager

Serge is not only one of the two co-owners of Musset-Roullier boutique winery, he’s above all the one who dedicates his energy to the good development of its 36 hectares of vineyards. As a practical, attentive, and passionate professional, he never hesitates to adapt and reconsider his work in order to let the vines offer nothing but their best. He’s an expert in cultivation methods and Chenin has no secrets left for him.


Co-owner, vinification manager

There are never great wines without a visionary dedicated to their vinification and ageing. At the cellar where he spends 8 months a year, Gilles Musset deploys all his savoir-faire, patience, and sensibility, to shape the precious grapes harvested into final vintages. Thanks to his precise hand, 12 new different wines are elaborated each year. His approach of Cabernet Franc is impressive.


Director and export manager

The pleasant sensation felt to be at home while in the cellar, you owe it to Lydia Musset. The quick treatment of your orders received on time, you owe it to Lydia Musset. The little hands behind the bills are generally those of Lydia Musset. Your interlocutor on the phone and at the professional tradeshows is also Lydia Musset.

Pascal C.

Winegrower, production crew

Having been a part of the adventure since its beginning, Pascal has become quite quickly Serge’s right-hand man in the 36 hectares that counts the wine estate. Ask him any question about Musset-Roullier vines and terroirs: as a precious ally with character, he knows them all like the back of his hand.

Philippe R.

Winegrower, production crew

Philippe has been working at Musset-Roullier winery for more than 20 years. With Thierry, he forms a hell of a multitask assets team. Helping in the vineyards all year long, Philippe takes also good care of the wines conditioning (bottling, labelling, boxing) until their shipping, every time it’s necessary.

Thierry L.

Winegrower, production crew

When it comes to teasing, Thierry is clearly the best of the team but he’s also a remarkable manager of seasonal workers. Thierry arrived one year after Philippe; together, they form a team showing great skillfulness (pruning, disbudding, harvest, labelling, boxing…) Thierry is always there when the winery needs him.

Guillaume G.


In his work, Gilles Musset can count on Guillaume, œnologist who punctually assists him during the vinification of the different cuvées. Indeed, another professional point of view can be really useful about the approach, strategies, and possibilities to consider at the cellar. As winemaking requires some perspective and humility, Guillaume’s advices are always welcome.

Clément B.

Export assistant

Clément takes care of the follow-up of the prospects and clients based in the different countries where Vignoble Musset-Roullier winery already exports or is about to. If he types on his laptop with his left hand, it’s because he texts simultaneously with his right. It’s pretty common to see him jump from a time zone to another many times a day.

Christophe G.


Christophe already worked with Gilles Musset and Serge Roullier even before Vignoble Musset-Roullier was created. As a winery’s ambassador, he takes good care of the private individual orders from the first contact to the home delivery. Be sure of spending a convivial moment if you meet him!

Do not also forget…

… all the seasonal workers, loyal or punctual, who come to reinforce the team during the tough periods of work such as pruning, trellising, and harvest of course.